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10 Amazing Road Trip Games

Have a blast your next road trip with these entertaining games! Download the free printables designed by Bluebirds and Blackberries at the end.

1. 50 States License Plates

Try to spot all 50 states license plates. Cross them off the sheet as you find them. At the end of the drive, whoever has spotted the most wins! (Find the printable for this at the end.)

2. Guess the Drawing

Have one person draw something, and everyone else will have to guess what it is. The first person to correctly guess what it is wins.

3. Window Markers

These are super cheap on Amazon, and there are so many things you can do with them! Have everyone draw with a theme, draw everything in one color, or just see what people will come up with! You could get a set for everyone, or have just one communal set. These are one of our favorite things for long drives!

4. One Sentence Story

Pick someone to start a story with one sentence. Someone else adds on a sentence, and so on, until someone wants to finish it. This game is good for a rural stretch with nothing to look at.

5. Counting Trucks/Cars of a certain color

If you’re on the highway for a long time, try seeing how many cars or trucks of a certain color you can spot. Whoever has the highest number of cars when the drive is over wins. You can make this game harder by only counting cars going the opposite direction, the same direction, or in a certain lane. Or, you can set a timer and see who has the highest number at the end of that time.

6. Car Rainbow

Spot red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple cars. Whoever finds the rainbow first wins. (Printable at the end.)

7. Alphabet Game

Try to find things on the road that match each letter of the alphabet! This can be collaborative, or it can be a competition.

8. Scavenger Hunt

Spot the items on the scavenger sheet! First one to complete it wins. (Printable is at the end.)

9. Name the Artist

Put on some music, and see who can guess the name of the artist first!

10. Guess the person

This game is a bit like 20 questions. One person picks person who is well-known to everyone in the car. The rest of the people then take turns asking questions such as: what kind of food, what kind of animal, what kind of car, what color, etc. Whoever guesses it first wins, and starts the next round.

Have fun playing these games next road trip! Comment other games below, and then check out our post on the 3 things you’ll forget on a trip!

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