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How to Survive a Long Road Trip

Road trips are hard for everyone, but if kids have fun things to do while on the road, it makes everything easier. Here’s a list of 7 tips and tricks to make a road trip fun!

1. Make fun playlists

Sometimes it’s hard to stay focused on the road, and having fun, upbeat music can help. Before the trip starts, get everyone involved and create a playlist together that includes everyone’s favorite songs!

2. Play easy car games

Prepare games before hand to make sure there is something to do. Check out our post on fun road trip games to get ideas!

3. Listen to an Audiobook

Be whisked away into a different world with a book everyone enjoys. We love listening to audiobooks on a regular basis, but on a road trip, this is even better, because it makes time pass so quickly!

4. Plan stops to stretch legs

When we’re planning a road trip, we usually search for state parks or nature reserves along the road so we can plan stops to walk around, stretch our legs, and enjoy nature. Sometimes we plan for a 20 or 30 minute break to hike, and other times we just stop for a few minutes. Regardless, it’s a nice break from the road.

5. Give each kid a bag/box

Before our trip, we’ll find small cardboard boxes and designate one for each kid. Fun and inexpensive things for these could be coloring books (this National Geographic one is gorgeous), window markers, rubix or infinity cubes, or wikki stix.

6. Bring a stuffed animal

If you have younger kids, bringing a stuffed animal along might help them nap, or it might encourage imaginative play while on the drive.

7. Pack easy ‘car snacks’

Make sure you pack lots of snacks that can be eaten easily in the car. Some of our favorite car snacks are: energy bars, goldfish, finger vegetables (carrots, cucumbers, etc.), and apples!

I hope these were helpful! Comment below which ones were your favorites and if you have any more :)

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