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The 3 Things You Will Forget To Bring On A Trip

In the hustle of making sure everyone has enough socks, doing the laundry, and trying to fit just one more thing into that suitcase, you are going to forget something. These 3 things are the ones nobody thinks of.

1. Nail Clippers

Long nails are good for nail polish, but not much else. If you’re going to be gone for a while, don’t forget to pack these! Especially if you’re traveling with small children, since they get their hands a lot dirtier than adults. If they have long nails, the dirt sticks under them and makes it difficult to get out.


If you don’t keep your hairbrush in an obvious place, you could very well leave it behind! If you have multiple hair brushes, pack one early on so you’ll be sure to bring it. Avoid snarly hair at all costs!

Extra Contacts and Glasses Cases

If you wear them, always, always bring extra contacts. Glasses and glasses cases are equally important, but if you do forget the glasses case, you can improvise with a sock over the top to protect them. Pack these in your toiletries bag before anything else, so you know you’ll have them.

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